Formerly Overworked and Underpaid Doctor Reveals…
How to Boost Your Income by $5000 (or More) Every Month by Making One Small Change to How You Do Your Billing.
You were taught since early childhood to study and work hard to get a good job… That personal sacrifice is a badge of honor…

That helping people is “good,” and pursuit of money is “bad.” 
The "become a doctor" carrot dangled in front of your nose was rewarding work, prestige, and a comfortable lifestyle. 
You Went ALL IN...
You worked hard and studied through high school, then college, followed by medical school, and residency. 

You took on school loans larger than your mortgage. 

You delayed finding your forever relationship, delayed having children, and delayed buying a home and having a normal adult life.

Because you were working, studying, or sleeping… all of the time.

You were going to live your dream of becoming a doctor.

You thought your hard work, your sacrifice, would be worth it. Now you’re not so sure.
  • ​You wanted to help people but find that often your hands are tied. Patients are getting sicker and sicker.
  • ​You wanted to be an expert in health and wellness but find that it’s hard to practice what you preach.
  • ​As a result of long clinic days, working lunches, and hours of charting, doctors are getting sicker and sicker.
  • ​You wanted job security and a comfortable lifestyle but find that it’s impossible to get ahead financially. 
  •  You were taught how to care for patients, not how to earn a living doing it.
  •  You were taught the financial aspects of medicine (billing and coding) by non-physicians who do not understand patient care or physician workflow.
  •  You were taught to focus on providing quality care with assurance revenue would come.
Now you find you’re being asked to work more. And often earn less.
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The average doctor making $250,000 per year, works 60 hours per week. 

That’s $83 per hour!

Less than you pay your attorney
Less than you pay your CPA
Less than you pay your plumber.

The MGMA productivity benchmarks increase every year, making it harder to meet your production goals. What happens then? You increase your work, with increased clinic hours.

You take fewer vacations (because we all know “paid” vacation for doctors on production is really unpaid.)

You dictate really long notes hoping to include everything your coding team is looking for, then get wrist-slapped for transcription costs.

Or you code everything low to avoid getting in trouble, then freak out when you learn under-coding is as fraudulent as over-coding.

And worse yet, your years and years of dedication to specialized knowledge makes it all but impossible to make a career change.

the question I have for you is this...
Do You Feel Like
You Were Told a Lie?
I hear you. I AM you. 

See if this sounds familiar...

After finishing residency at 29, I thought life would become easy...
I’d worked so hard. Now it was time for my big payoff. 

I’d pictured a husband, kids, nice home, nice cars, vacations, lunches with friends, theater tickets, and more, since I was little. 

I’d understood that hard work would give me those things easily.

Instead, I found myself a high-income earner with golden handcuffs.  

And it was suffocating.

I couldn’t understand what happened. 

Yes, I had the husband, kids, nice home, and nice cars. But, I had far less disposable income than I expected. Paying for kid activities, travel, and entertainment was stressful. 

I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about money, right?

I experienced the angst and the frustration. 
Then, one fateful night, things changed.
I was listening to one boring presentation after the next at our annual business meeting after a long clinic day. 

I was hungry. 
I was tired. 

I wanted to see my kids before they went to bed.

Up came a speaker, a physician, who spoke about billing and coding. She was showing charts and tables of things I’d never seen before.

First it made me want to vomit. 
Then it changed my life.
I’d been in practice for SEVEN years. 

For seven years, I’d been doing it wrong. 

I was billing just like I’d been taught (including by our organization’s coders) and just like my partners. 

Yet if what this woman was saying was true, I was significantly under-coding.

When I did the math, my jaw hit the floor.

First, I estimated the number of patients I was under-coding on a daily basis and the amount that error was costing me. 

It came out to a LOSS of about $300 each clinic day. 

I billed and coded as I was taught. 
I did extremely well in coding audits.
Over 7 years, that was easily well over $100,000. WTF!

How the hell had this happened?
I started thinking about what that money would have done for me, for my then-husband, and for my FIVE kids. 

How many trips to Disney, Broadway shows, movies, and kid enrichment activities (sports, music, summer camp, etc) would that have paid for? 

Hell, I could’ve afforded some of those “luxuries” and maybe not had my shoulders hiked up to my ears from tension!

I saw friends who earned far less enjoying those things plus other things I considered “luxuries,” like yoga (which is awesome, but fricking expensive), massages, and expensive hair. 

Not only did I not have money for those things, but I also didn’t have the time.
As I listened, I realized I wanted to become that physician.
I wanted to thoroughly understand how to get paid for the hard work I was already doing...

I wanted to streamline my documentation and billing process and get back the 3-4 hours (or more) every night I spent doing doing paperwork...

I wanted to earn the money I should be earning regardless of whether I was coding for myself or there was a coding team.

So, I did.

Before we go on, let me briefly introduce myself.

Meet Melissa Kalt, MD

You can call me Melissa!

Melissa is board-certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, and lipidology. She has spoken on billing and coding for the Wisconsin Medical Society, as well as locally. Melissa optimized her billing and maximized her time as a single mother of five to create a life she loves.
Now I am on a mission to help others just like you.
You see, I’ve done the Hard work for you. 
After that night, I set out to master billing and coding and I did – back in 2009. 

Being the over-achiever, I learned it so well that I’ve spoken at the Wisconsin Medical Society conference on billing and coding more than once and given a talk to hundreds of coders.

What I know as a physician is that the vast majority of errors fall into just one category. 

Sure, I could teach you ALL the details about preventative visits, E&M, procedures, modifiers, extra charges, but seriously – who has time for all of that?

You don’t have time to study billing and coding. Where would you even start? There are so many documents, many 90+ pages.

You just want to practice quality medicine and truly get paid for the value you’re providing. Right?
That’s why I’m going to show you
how to make ONE critical change.
Because this one change gives you the most bang for your buck.

I can't say that in one hour you'll become a MASTER at billing and coding just like I did, BUT what I will say is this...

In just one hour, you will learn how to spot this billing and coding error, correct it, and recoup your investment on your next clinic day. 

You'll discover the ONE change you need to make right now to eliminate the billing mistake that cost me over $100,000!

How’s that for an ROI?
Imagine What It Would Be Like...
  • ​to feel valued, being paid fully for the quality care you’ve provided?
  • ​to be paid for the knowledge, expertise, and medical risk that go into your most complex patients?
  • to have peace of mind, knowing you’re not under-coding or over-coding?
  • ​to have money to spend on who and what you love?
What would you do with the money
you’re currently leaving on the table?
  • ​Travel? Buy a new car? Buy a new house? 
  • ​Hire a house cleaning team so you can relax in a clean home without spending your weekend cleaning?
  • ​Lawn crew so you don’t need to mow?
  • ​Landscaper so you don’t need to weed your gardens?
  • ​Snow removal service so you don’t need to get up early to shovel?
  • ​Nanny to help with carpools so you preserve your sanity?
What could that money (and time, when you can pay to outsource household work) do for your relationships – with yourself and others?
  • ​Date night every week so you have a healthy marriage?
  • ​More quality time with kids?
  • ​Regular exercise?
  • ​Plenty of sleep?
  • ​Regular massage?
Imagine how amazing your life would be.

Now imagine investing less than an hour and less than $100 to learn this today.

Here’s What You're Getting in this "Maximize Your Billing" package…

#1 Maximize Your Billing Course
45-minute easy-to-digest video course detailing exactly how to spot and correct the most common billing and coding error that you can implement immediately

#2 Maximize Your Billing Course Guide
Printable course guide for easy visual access

#3 Maximize Your Billing Case Pretest  
Identify key areas for immediate action in your current workflow

Exclusive Bonuses You Can't Get Anywhere Else

Bonus #1 Maximize Your Billing: 2-page summary guide 
For easy reference. Print it. Laminate it. Hang it near where you chart, so you immediately see results.

Bonus #2 Maximize Your Billing: Chart review video. Pretest case review on video with detailed coding explanations.

Bonus #3 Exclusive Opportunity: 
Buyers may purchase Productivity Hacks at an 80% discount to cut charting time by half. 
* Special offer not available anywhere else

Here's Why This is Important...
People fail. SYSTEMs don’t.
You see, when you can plug into a time-proven and profit-certain SYSTEM, not only does it save you time, energy, and money… it virtually eliminates the guesswork or uncertainty about whether it’s going to work.
Here's the deal: 
Buy this today... right now, before you forget. 

Here's the guarantee:
On your NEXT clinic day (or tonight if
you still have Charting to do)...
Find and fix this ONE major billing and coding error that I will show you and if you don't recoup at least the cost of this training, I'll give you a full, no-hassle refund PLUS another $97 for wasting your time.

(Most people find more than $97. MUCH more.)
Look, I'm trusting you to be honest. 
I'm ONLY offering such a ridiculous guarantee because I believe when you see how much money you can make from this day forward with this ONE change, you'll happily consider this the BEST $97 you've ever invested in any training.
The Two Things This Invitation Is 
Really All About: Time and Money
Simply put, this invitation is all about time and money.
1) The time you can save. Or, the time you can waste.
2) The money you can make. Or, the money you can burn.
Think about it. Without the help of someone who has done what you want to do, you’re going to waste years of your time, doing things the hard way—struggling to discover what works. 

You can put yourself through 5 years of blood, sweat and tears and proudly wear the scars to prove it. 
But, here’s the thing, it’s really a fool’s errand to try and re-create the wheel. 
Why do it? One of the key points of the lifestyle you're trying to create is about time freedom. 

The average doctor spends 3-4 hours EVERY DAY after clinic on documentation and coding and, for all that time, you are probably still making this ONE mistake and costing yourself up to $300 or more every day.

Instead you could spend less than 30 minutes - on average - doing your documentation and coding, PLUS...

EARN up to an extra $300 (or more). Every. Single. Day. 

Why not start experiencing that right now?

I want you to know… If you haven’t discovered how, it is not your fault you weren't taught how to do this before today.

For now let’s talk about something else. Something you can DO NOW and not regret in 5 years.
So what am I REALLY offering you?
A way to avoid wasted years of muddling around trying to figure this whole coding thing out… and… a way to potentially earn thousands upon thousands of dollars by giving you a complete turn-key SYSTEM, whose engine will turn over the minute you flip the ignition switch.

Imagine investing less than an hour and less than $100 to learn this today.

Consider this:
  • ​As little as 1 change to your billing pays back this entire enrollment fee!
  • ​You couldn’t develop and build a similar process of your own for anywhere near this cheap
  • ​If you tried to figure this out your own, you’d have to tweak and test for months or years and might never produce as good as or better results
  • ​You get it all, right now, for just $97
You’re probably thinking to yourself,
“There’s got to be catch.” 
Or, you may be asking, “Why would you be willing to do this for me for such a low price when everyone else charges 3 or 4 or 5 times this much (or more) for similar programs?”

Well, the fact is, in addition to the small fee you have to lay out to grab your “Maximize Your Billing” system there are a few “catches”. 

 Here they are:
  • ​I'm looking for some fresh, new testimonials and success stories in addition to all the people I have already helped on the road to making more money with less time. And In return for the low price, you agree to give us a testimonial.

  • ​I am limiting this low introductory price to just 500 doctors worldwide. Once the 500 Charter memberships are gone, they are gone for good. You’ll be one of the first 500 people IN THE WORLD who have access to this time-tested and proven SYSTEM.

  • More importantly, because I HAVE been where you are and I want you to enjoy the success that you rightly deserve to have. It’s really that simple. I'm just being consistent with what I teach others to do.
But waiting is NOT a good thing to do here…
I can't keep it at this price forever.
I mean, in just your first week, if you do what I show you, you can easily earn up to an additional $1200 or more. 

That's possibly an added $4800 per month. 
Or maybe an extra $50,000 or more per year!

You want to earn more and work less.  

THIS, right here, is your golden ticket.

Right now the price is only $97 but, if you come back tomorrow and it's more, please don't be upset with me!  

The massive value of this information simply demands the price to be more and, soon, it will be.

Over Half of 500 Available Spots Are Already GONE 
– And the Rest Are Going FAST!


Even though we asked our marketing team to roll this out slow – they just didn’t listen and instead of sending out a couple of thousand (like we asked them to do) they LOVED what we’re doing here and they sent this special invitation out to over 120,000 people!

So, there’s no pressure to buy, but I know 119,999 other people are also reading this letter right now so you need to decide if this is right for you right now or you could pay a higher price tomorrow!

Now you can benefit from all the hard work that has already been done! Seriously, are you really interested in spending the next 2 to 5 years of your life on a wild goose chase losing money?

Here on a silver platter, you're getting a complete SYSTEM…
  • ​The Maximize Your Billing Course
  • ​The Maximize Your Billing Course Guide
  • ​The Maximize Your Billing Case Pretest
  • ​The Maximize Your Billing Checklist
  • ​The Maximize Your Billing Chart Video
You get TOTAL and complete access to this proven cash-generating SYSTEM... tried and tested -- along with the ready-to-use bonuses!

You’ll be receiving over $100,000 worth of value (if you calculate out how much money you could possibly earn over the next 2-3 years) for a small fraction of that amount.  

And, you’ll be receiving the unprecedented 30-day performance guarantee I mentioned earlier guaranteeing you WILL make more money and save more time doing your coding in 30 days or less or you can send it all back for a full refund.

Here’s What You Need to Do Right Now…
Ask yourself:

How much money are YOU leaving on the table?

You Can't Afford to Wait...

Today you're getting all of this for only $97.

Don’t Say “Yes”… Just Say “Maybe” and Give 
It a Risk-Free Test-Drive for Up to 30 Days!

Once you get the Maximize Your Billing system in your hands, you have up to 30 days to check out the SYSTEM and decide if it works for you.

How will you know if “it works”? Simple
On your next clinic day, do what I show you in the training...

When it works, you’ll make up to $300 more every single time you complete your charting. Plus, you'll cut your coding time by 75% or more, because you no longer will be guessing.

So this WILL BE SUPER EASY for both of us because we haven’t had anyone join the program and not see these benefits yet! 
But here’s your safety net...
If I don’t deliver everything we have described for you, if you do what I say and somehow you still don’t make more money in less time in the first 30 days, you can ask for a refund and we’ll send your full money back. No hassles.

But we know we deliver and we know it works, so neither of us really has any risk!

Do the ONE change I show you and you WILL make your money back (or possibly MUCH more) on your next clinic day.

Don’t put it off another minute. 
Do it right now while it’s fresh on your mind. 

Take action now.

"I blamed “the system” for under coding yet was anxious too anxious about fraud to bill correctly for the work I had done.

The steps I learned from your workshops really helped me put my time where it mattered-I truly worked less and made more! Keep it up, and when does the next module come out?? " - LuAnn Moraski, DO
"I trained under Dr Kalt when I was in residency. I was blessed to have 4 years of her training which undoubtedly and dramatically affected my current practice. I have been in practice now for 7 years and doubt I have left much at all 'on the table' because of her mentoring. Coding is second nature to me - it goes with my workflow and now takes no extra effort. Also, thanks to her mentoring on efficiency, my clinic work is done quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly so that I can get home to be with my family and not take the EHR with me. " - Christopher Weber, MD
"No doubt we’re leaving a lot of money on the table! 💴 I love your ideas and knowledge in order to increase take-home pay without increasing workload! Your program could benefit any physician! Keep up the great work!🌟🌟🌟" - Shannon Smith, MD
"I read your book and knowing that you are one of the most thorough and caring physicians I have known, it is such a great book to keep reading! " - Antonia Metherall 
"Dr. Kalt's approach to identifying and understanding the root causes of fatigue is a breath of fresh air. By showing readers how to truly learn what is causing their fatigue (and it's probably not what you think!), she offers solutions that actually get to the root of the problem. " - Sandhya K. 
"Dr. Kalt has shown again how our mind and spirit affects our physical state. She shows us how to identify the mental conflicts that produce fatigue and how to minimize these conflicts. A MUST READ for anyone dealing with fatigue! " - Kathy M 
"Wonderful book - practical, humorous, compassionate " - Patti H. 
"Dr. Kalt gives strong practical advice ...quiet your mind through your senses... remove false core beliefs that tire your spirit. These are things I can begin doing immediately. " - Patricia N.  
"OMG!! I’ve been so tired for so long! Now I understand why! More importantly, I understand how to change it, and without feeling badly, as if I’ve been doing something wrong all these years. I’m starting to imagine what’s possible! Many thanks to Dr Kalt for giving me the map! "Sammy A. 
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